Lecture: Pharma Industry, Drug Development and the Role of Scientists in the Process


We announce the lecture that will be presented by Sanda Ročak, PhD


“Pharma Industry, Drug Development and the Role of Scientists in the Process”


Monday, March 20, 2017, at 2:00 p.m

Lecture hall A0-1, Faculty of Science, R. Boškovića 33


The pharmaceutical industry is a specific branch of industry, both in its structure and in the nature of its business operations. The development of a new pharmaceutical treatment is very time consuming, extremely costly and high risk, with very little chance of a successful outcome. At a same time, expectations from pharmaceutical industry are very high, as it concerns what is most valuable to us – our health. It is also an industry linked to contradictions; for example, despite the undisputed fact that over many decades the industry has made a major contribution to human well being and the reduction of suffering, it is still regularly identified by the public opinion as one of the least trusted industries.

This seminar intends to describe the process of research and development, as well as marketing and sales of drugs. It will also attempt to depict the structure and modus operandi of a typical pharmaceutical company. Finally, roles of biologists, chemists, pharmaceutical scientists and medical doctors in pharmaceutical industry will be described.

All questions are welcome – we look forward to a productive discussion!

About the speaker:

SandaRocakSanda Ročak is a graduate from the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia, with a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology. She did her post-doc at Faculty of Medicine (Centre Medical Universitaire, CMU) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Sanda has 10 years of experience in academia and 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry. During her industry career, she worked in Product Development Strategy, Clinical Development and Market Access roles.

Sanda has led or contributed to a broad range of drug development projects from Phase I to Phase IV, including life cycle management. Therapeutic areas included neurodegenerative disorders (multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease), ADHD and rare genetic diseases.

Students of Medical Studies in English are welcome to join – the lecture will be given in English, if non-Croatian speaking audience shows up!