Physics is a very fundemental science which explores and describes many natures laws. The findings and achievements from physics are used in many other areas of science and technology. Physics trains and encourages the capability of analitical thinking. It gives a certain balance to other sciences and it eleveates the proficiencies of many areas in science.

One of the hallmarks of the Faculty of Science in Split are the extremely high quality staff, which is a mixture of young and the experienced. Every year there is more and more students that enroll in the department, and there is a big number of students that finish their studies and continue their careers and PhD’s on some of the worlds biggest universities.

The goal of this study isn’t only to educate geniuses. It’s very natural to thrive to get big discoveries and that is one of the great motivators for everyone here, but what’s really important is to create a base, a big spectrum of the „middle“ class of scientists, technologists, engineers and teachers who are being more and more neglected in the modern day society in Europe and worldwide. Not only that physics is one of the most important studies for our future, physics hones our sensibility to recognise and form our future. Do you want to be a part of it? Faculty of Science is the place for you then.



  • Transportation and magnetic properties of nanoconstructed complex metal bonds
  • The development and implementation of maximum productiona entropy principles
  • The sctructure, intereffects and conveyance in a water based suspension
  • The investigation of multiparticle systems in Monte Carlo simulations


  • CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Geneve, Switzerland
  • University of Linz, Austria
  • GSI (Center for Heavy Ion Research), Darmstadt, Germany
  • University of Trieste, Italy
  • Institute INRA in Bordeauxu, France
  • Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
  • Institute Jozef Stefan and Institute for Mathematics and Physics, Slovenia
  • Institute of Physics of Complex Matter (IPMC), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.


Željko Antunović zeljko@pmfst.hr
Ivica Aviani aviani@ifs.hr
Sanda Barkiđija Sanda.Divanovic@pmfst.hr
Ante Bilušić ante.bilusic@pmfst.hr
Irena Bitunjac ibitunjac@pmfst.hr
Željana Bonačić Lošić zeljana.bonacic.losic@pmfst.hr
Željko Crljen Zeljko.Crljen@pmfst.hr
Tonći Čakarić tonci@pmfst.hr
Mile Dželalija mile.dzelalija@pmfst.hr
Željka Fuchs Zeljka.Fuchs@pmfst.hr
Nada Ilić Nada.Ilic@pmfst.hr
Davor Juretić juretic@pmfst.hr
Darko Koračin darko.koracin@pmfst.hr
Lucija Krce lkrce@pmfst.hr
Domagoj Kuić Domagoj.Kuic@pmfst.hr
Bernarda Lovrinčević bernarda@pmfst.hr
Ivica Luketin Ivica.Luketin@pmfst.hr
Željka Sanader zeljka.sanader@pmfst.hr
Franjo Sokolić sokolic@pmfst.hr
Petar Stipanović pero@pmfst.hr
Jurica Teklić jurica.teklic@pmfst.hr
Ljerka Vilibić vilibic@pmfst.hr
Dejan Vinković vinkovic@pmfst.hr
Leandra Vranješ Markić leandra@pmfst.hr
Ivana Weber ivana@pmfst.hr
Larisa Zoranić Larisa.Zoranic@pmfst.hr
Paško Županović Pasko.Zupanovic@pmfst.hr



The study is organised on a 3+2 year based principle. Besides the one-subject bachelors study of Physics or Engineering Physics, the department offers a two-subject based studies of Mathematics-Physics or Informatics-Physics. The department in Split is proud of it’s unique masters studies of Biophysics, educator studies, enviromental studies, astrophysics, computing physcis, thermodynamic devices and mechanical systems. For more info, visit the sites of each of the masters studies.

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