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Technics and technology are the backbone of the modern society and its future. Because of this, it is of utmost importance to possess the intellectual technical competence. The polytechnic department ensures the best education in the areas of technics, electrotechnics, electronics, energetics, automatics, robotics and mechanical engineering.

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The staff in the department of polytechnics often collaborate with many different institutions throughout the country and the world. They often participate in researching different areas:

  • Perusal and analysis of recognitional methods and object tracking via computer vision with emphasis on submerged objects. They develop various methods to outshine the dynamic and static backgrounds in images.
  • Perusal of new technology properties : supercondensers, superconductivity, fluidity of electrochemical condensers, nanotechnology and it’s applince in electroenergetics, with a special focus on renewable energy sources.
  • Analysis of transit prompts in neural structures to electromagnetic waves. Optimising of numeric modelling of earth with only time-based losses which depend on accounting time and memory requirement.
  • Machinery steadfastness: perusal of methods which look into the assessments longevitiy of welded metal conustrctions, with focus on stress analysis. Detection and appraisal of defects in composite contructions with the application of advanced mathematical algorithms.
  • General technical education and nurture curriculum : subject of investigaions are the developing tendencies of formal strategies in gaining general technical competence. There is a special focus on the theory and practical use of classes and international experiences in the general technical capacitate.
  • Analysis of potentiality of didactical aid in teaching and developing and applying didactical appliances in different ages of education, especially focused on the area of electrotechnics.

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Šime Kovačević


Hrvoje Turić



Endri Garafulić

viši asistent


Vladimir Pleština



Siniša Antonijević

izvanredni profesor


Tomislav Matić

izvanredni profesor


Vedran Boras

redoviti profesor


Stjepan Kovačević



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Two-subject based study of Computer Science and technics ensure the competence of technical, informatic and computing competences which all develop into the polytechnic capacitate. The education consists of compulsive and elective courses which both have lab exercises and practical work. The polytechnic competence which is gained has great appliance in gaining teaching competence alongside with many humanistic courses avaliable. The polytechnics department, alongside the other departments, also facilitate the continuation of education on the interdisciplinary science PhD study of Disquisition of education in nature and technical sciences.

Završetak dvopredmetnog studija informatika i tehnika omogućava zapošljavanje u:

  • osnovnim i srednjim školama
  • visokoškolskim ustanovama
  • znanstvenoistraživačkim ustanovama
  • raznim ustanovama i poduzećima na poslovima informatike i računarstva